Saturn with Moons

Saturn and Moons - May 22, 2012
Saturn and Moons - May 22, 2012

Object name: Saturn
Object type: Planet
Location: Amsterdam
Date: 22-5-2012
Media: Pastel on black paper

Saturn with moons.

Last night, May 22-23, I had a nice view on Saturn so I placed my 8”sct/lxd75 on the balcony and tried to make a sketch. It was made with pencil on white paper, and later redrawn with pastel pencils on black paper (A4). The planets disk is approximately 3cm and the rings 8cm.

At 200 times the Cassini Division was easy to spot, as well the two most westerly moons Titan and Rhea. At around 23:30 I was sure I spotted another moon close to the planet, Tethys, but later in de evening I couldn’t see it anymore. It had crossed the planet. While looking at the Cassini Division another moon popped in to my averted vision, this one between Rhea and Saturn; Dione.

Seeing: 3/5
Transparency: 2/5
Temperature: 20⁰ C

8” SCT on LXD75
Hyperion zoom at 10mm (200x)

Kind regards
& Clear Skies 4 all.

Matthijs Broggel

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