Just After Sunset - 12 Sketches

Just After Sunset

Just After Sunset - 12 Sketches
Just After Sunset - 12 Sketches

When we sketch the sun, we sketch sunspots or H-alpha. But the most beautiful thing to sketch is a sunrise or sunset. During my 2 weeks holiday in France I observed every day the sky just after sunset. I missed only one day due to rain.

The sky and the trees were sketched with a set of 12 soft pastels. The farm was sketched with pastel pencils. The original drawings are all A4-format. I waited the sun to set behind the trees and started sketching as fast as I could. After 30 minutes I stopped because the sky changes very fast.

I had great difficulty in sketching the trees. The dark green pastel was to light, the black and brown to dark… The second week the result is much better than the first week.

Clear skies
Jef De Wit

Location: Ronnet, France (46°12’ N 2°42’ E)
Date and time: 4-16 august 2012 around 19.00 UT
Equipment: naked eye
Medium: soft pastel and pastel pencils on art paper (A4)

3 thoughts on “Just After Sunset”

  1. Jef has had a unique bright idea, and has realised it very nicely. Actually the fact that he only had a set of 12 soft pastels, and had to mix colours to get the desired result amazes me.
    It doesn’t always have to be a moon sketch, sunspot detail or deep-sky drawing. Jef’s drawings show that a combination of earthy and astronomy items can lead to very nice results.
    Well done Jef!

  2. Jef,

    I like the combination of colors and the details of the leaves on the trees and branches. What I think you really captured was a sense of scale here and of course the beauty of the color variety. I love the night sky and sketching it, I also love the beauties of our own world in there many shape and forms. Well done.

    Jay Eads

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