Cabeus Crater Central Peaks

Mountains Cabeus on the Lunar horizon

Cabeus Crater Central Peaks
Cabeus Crater Central Peaks

Yesterday, I observed / sketched the two mountains that seems to be the central peaks in the bottom of Cabeus or environs on the soutern lunar horizon.

When the moon approaches near full lunar phase, some mountains , peaks are always seen very prominently on the southern lunar limb .

And I also have a suspect that why the most advanced lunar photograpers do not attempt to capture these pretty scenes as a form of a wide magnifyed photo


Back ground sky,s numerous stars are artistic conception

8 ” refractor x 340 [ nagler 7s w/binoview]

object ; Mountains Cabeus or environs

type ; crater

location ; at backyard home in South korea

date ; 2012 . AUG. 5th ,

white paper , graphite pencil, ink .

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