Archimedes Crater


Archimedes Crater
Archimedes Crater


yesterday i catch the chance to draw the big crater Archimedes. Its nice shadows from the walls are fantastic. Because the weather was not the best I used only my 6mm Ortho with my TMB 115/805 for 130x. I think the sketch is quite well and shows the sight by averige conditions.
Sorry that the date on the picture is false. It was the 26.July! 😉

Object Name: Archimedes Crater
Object Type: Lunar Crater
Location: near Tauberbischofsheim Germany
Date: 26. July. 2012 21.45 p.m till 22.30 p.m
Media: graphite pencil and white Paper

3 thoughts on “Archimedes”

  1. Uwe,
    You know, you really drew a beautiful sketch!
    It’s the best sight of this crater I’ve ever seen.
    Good luck

  2. Uwe,

    Great looking 3-D sketch of Archimedes and those pointy shadows.

    Frank 🙂

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