Hunting for M92

Messier 92
Messier 92

Object Name: Messier 92
Object Type: Globular Cluster
Location: Poland/Starogard Gdański
Date: 24.07.2012
Media: graphite pencil/digital tools (GIMP)
Weather Conditions: Clear sky, light pollution from street lanterns
Time:1:30 AM
Equipment: SW 150/750 ,Baader Hyperion 13mm.

Hi everyone!
This is my next DS sketch. This time I drew M92 globular cluster. I
used Baader Hyperion 13mm Eyepiece. In my opinion this is quite good
Eyepiece for this sort of things. As my media I used graphite pencil
and white sheet of paper. I did small corretions in GIMP too. M92 is
one of my favourite deep sky obejcts. It’s small globule but for me
its admirable. So, I spent about 2h doing this sketch. Mainly because
its hard to locate this quantity of stars properly.The weather was
good enough to made this capture, I wish you have clear sky too.
However the seeing was not excellent again but its not uncommon in a
place where I live. Additionally light pollution from streets lanterns
irritate me all the time. However astronomy is too fantastic hobby to
stop doing sketches only because of lanterns.
I hope you enjoy my sketch.

Greetings from Poland

Robert Weiss

2 thoughts on “Hunting for M92”

  1. Robert,

    Very nice sketch of m-92 mated up with the Hercules map.

    Frank 🙂

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