ASOD Now Available in Persian:

We have some exciting news for our viewers who read Persian. Kambiz Khaleghi, an amateur astronomer from Iran, has been working hard to translate ASOD. The Persian-language site can now be found at We hope the site helps generate further interest and participation from the global astronomical sketching community.

Jeremy Perez
for Astronomy Sketch of the Day

5 thoughts on “ASOD Now Available in Persian:”

  1. Jeremy

    That’s wonderful; our friends in Iran do great work. I enjoyed the recent sketch of the Transit of Venus and the accompanying photos. It’s so inspiring to see a dedicated teacher and talented young people so interested in astronomy.

  2. Thanks for the heads-up! it does look like their URL is no longer active. I’ve sent an email to Kambiz Khaleghi to see if they changed addresses or if it has simply gone down.


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