Jupiter Occultation and Conjunction

Occultation of Jupiter by the Moon

Jupiter Occultation and Conjunction
Jupiter Occultation and Conjunction

Hi, here attached my last souvenir

Object Name (Jupiter, Moon, Venus and Hyades)
Object Type (occultation)
Location (Néoules Var France)
Date (2012 July 15th)
Media (graphite pencil for the moon, and watercolor for the dolmen sketch)

So early! I observed with a friend of mine from 3h to 5h AM local time.

Close to Néoules, we have a good place with a good sky to observe the rising of Sun, Moon and planets.

The telescope I use to sketch is a Bresser 1000/102.

The two first sketches were made in this place; the watercolour was made just after the occultation, 5 km further. How many occultation this megalithic dolmen has seen?

On the watercolor, we can see the planet Venus and perceive the Hyades open cluster with Aldebaran

That was very early but,… what a wonderful spectacle !
Kind regards

Michel Deconinck

Jupiter Occultation
Jupiter Occultation
Jupiter Occultation
Jupiter Occultation

4 thoughts on “Occultation of Jupiter by the Moon”

  1. Superbes dessins, Michel!!! Du grand art. Encore plus beau et révélateur que ce qu’une photo aurait donné. On se prend à rêver d’y être!



  2. Thanks Negar, Frank and Jean, for you nice comments, I appreciate! Other souvenirs and results of this day can be seen on the 36 sketchcrawl forum. Kind regards, Michel

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