Venus - May 3, 2012

Tasco Venus

Venus - May 3, 2012
Venus - May 3, 2012

Object Name: Venus
Object Type: Planet
Location: Mystków, Poland
Date: 03.05.2012
Media: Pencil, white paper, eraser, crayon

Tooling: GIMP 2
Observer: Kuba Warchoł (kubol0567)

Additional Information:

In the sketch, Venus is shown in the magnification 30x.
Observations made with a telescope Tasco 50×50
Weather at the time of observation: 9/10

One thought on “Tasco Venus”

  1. Kuba,

    Very nice small scope shetch of Venus.
    I can’t do it without optical aid but there are some with great visual acuity that can.

    Frank 🙂

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