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Hi everyone,

You may have noticed that the site was down for about a day and a half this week. It appears that some hacked code had been added to generate spam on some of the pages. The web hosting provider noticed it and shut the site down until we cleared things out. Communicating with tech support to understand the problem was a bit on the slow side, but now that this is fixed, we’re back up and running.

However, this brings up another topic, and I am interested in your feedback. In order to save on web hosting costs, I am considering moving ASOD to the hosting provider I currently use for The Belt of Venus. This would save about $100/year and would put ASOD on a server with excellent service and very fast technical support. You would still direct your browser to ‘’, however, once the site loads, your browser’s address bar would re-load to say either ‘’ or ‘’. I’m interested in your feedback, and if anyone has any concerns with this approach. I’m glad to answer any questions I can and look forward to your thoughts.

Thanks for the ongoing support with sketch submissions, comments, and visits!

Jeremy Perez
for ASOD

6 thoughts on “ASOD Server Update”

  1. In my experience, a redirect like that would lower your search engine rankings significantly. Is there no way your new host can be set up with the domain? I have hosting available that can handle multiple domains depending on how much traffic you are getting.

  2. Hi Allard, that is an excellent point, and one I am taking into consideration.

    Thanks for the input–I’ll definitely be working on that.


  3. Let me know if I can help. ASOD is an amazing place. Many thanks for making and maintaining itt

  4. Thanks very much for the input and offers for help. I researched and tested several options, and opted to transfer ASOD and my other set of sites to a third, completely new server with the ability to host multiple domains. This has been taking place over the weekend, and DNS propagation for ASOD should finish up over the next 24 hours. Please let me know if you encounter problems navigating the site.

    Thanks again,

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