Venus Transit

Last Chance

Venus Transit
Venus Transit

This transit was our last chance to observe, you know. It was really interesting that I had literature exam!
OK, there are some words in the sketch in Persian, but I’ll translate them here.

It’s starting from that part which has :
Time: 2:44
Time: 2:59
Time: 3:29
Time: 3:59
Time: 4:29
Time: 4:59
Time: 5:29
Time: –:–
Time: –:–
(The times are not local.)

Object Name: Sun & Venus
Object Type: Star & Planet
Location: Tehran_Iran
Date: 06/6/2012
Media: White Paper + Black Pencil
Equipment: 130 mm Newt & Maylar Filter & 25 mm super plossl
Weather: Sunny

With Regards
Negar Najafi

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