Saturn - June 5, 2012

Mysterious Saturn

Saturn - June 5, 2012
Saturn - June 5, 2012

Location: Lombard, IL, USA (41.8800° N, 88.0078° W)
Date: 5 Jun 2012, 22:30 CDT
Media: Pencil on white paper (no image processing after scanning)

Comments: This is my first attempt to sketch Saturn, the planet seemed to be hiding its secrets last night, revealing details only for short moments, but staying ghostly mysterious for most of the time.
Equipment used: ATM 8″ f5.9 Newtonian, Baader Hyperion 5mm

2 thoughts on “Mysterious Saturn”

  1. Prety nice sketch, It’s quite similar to what I see with my 7″ f6 telescope. Keep sketching Saturn, you see much more details when you sketch it rather by only observing.

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