Misty Star in Monoceros

NGC 2261 - Hubble's Variable Nebula
NGC 2261 - Hubble's Variable Nebula

Object Name: NGC 2261(Hubble’s Variable Nebula)
Object Type: reflection nebula
Location: Oderne – small village in southern Poland (picture made during Winter StarParty in Oderne 2012)
Date: 27.01.2012
Media: graphite pencil, white paper, color invert
Telescope: GSO 10” + Meade 5000UWA 8,8mm
Seeing: 3/5 (average)
Transparency: 4/5 (weak)
Outside temperature: -21*C !!!
NELM: 5,8 mag

This sketch is one of two which I made in most difficult weather conditions. The outside temperature was around -21*C so sketching was very difficult 🙂
On the picture one of my favourite objects – Hubble’s Varaible Nebule which looks like flaming star (around R Mon star).
In telescope larger than 10” you can see small traingle shape mist with some faint structure inside.

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  1. Łukasz,

    Nice capture of this very fine telescope target under very chilly conditions.

    Frank 🙂

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