Vallis Schröteri

Vallis Schröteri
Vallis Schröteri

Object name: vallisschröteri
Object type: Lunar Crater
Location: Amsterdam
Date: 8-5-2012
Media: Pastel on black paper

During a very gray period the last weeks, and with no chance to use the telescope, I decided to enhance my sketching skills by sketching some moon craters based on pictures made by others. This one is a sketch of the vallisschröteri area. Made with pastel pencil on black paper.

Clear skies and kind regards

Matthijs Broggel

2 thoughts on “Vallis Schröteri”

  1. Matthijs,

    Very fine sketch, a good idea for a cloudy spell.
    In your sketch the elevation of the Aristarchus plateau looks very nice.

    Frank 🙂

  2. im sure, the best sketches can be made on the Moon, that so good! Moon is always different, always changing. One of the best media for you, drawing people!
    like this above.

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