The Many Faces of a Red Desert World

Mars opposition 2007/8

Mars opposition 2007/8 and composite sketch
By Marcin Marczyński

Mars opposition 2007/8

These superb sketches of the 2007-2008 Mars opposition were
submitted by Marcin Marczyński of Lezno, Poland. The beautiful
precision he used to render these sketches are a tribute to his
keen observational skills and an artist’s talent at portraying in
graphite pencil, precisely what he sees at the eyepiece. Marcin’s
notes below each sketch are wonderfully concise, yet quite
Here are Marcin’s sketch details:

Location: Leszno, Poland
Telescope: Sky-Watcher 8″ dob.
Eyepieces: S.Plossl 10mm(120x), Antares Orto.6mm(200x)
white paper, 2B pencil

The map is a handmade combination of above sketches.

Marcin Marczyński

2 thoughts on “The Many Faces of a Red Desert World”

  1. Marcin,

    Great sketches! You’ve made a wonderful record of your Mars observations–I like the albedo map you produced from your drawings.

    Michael Rosolina
    Friars Hill, WV USA

  2. Marcin,

    I must agree with Michael, wonderful work on the individual sketches and composite map.

    Frank 🙂

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