Solar Sunspot AR1429


Object Name: Sunspot AR1429.
Object Type: Sunspot Cluster
Location: Bristol
Date 10th March 2012
Media: Drawn at scope with graphite pencil on white paper then scanned and processed using Sketchpad Pro on ipad.
I used an 8″ SCT with a mix of 20mm bino viewer plus 10mm lens.
Weather was good.
AR 1429 caused quite a stir in UK as it unleashed a series of CME’s that raised hopes of a widely seen Aurora. Sadly UK weather was not kind for this event (no surprise there!). The cluster runs largely south at bottom.

I have blurred the result to more closely approximate the actual viewing experience.


Chris Lee

4 thoughts on “Solar Sunspot AR1429”

  1. Chris,

    Very fine sketch of the close in detail of this sunspot group.

    Frank 🙂

  2. Wow Chris, that a very nice close view of a sunspot ! You can get a lot of details with your equipment. That’s awesome ! I really like your sketch.


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