Messier 13

A Deep Impression of M13

Messier 13
Messier 13

Oject name: M13
Type of object: Globular Star Cluster
Date: 13 April 2012
seeing 7/10
Type of telescope: Newton 200/1200, eypiece: BST 8mm
Location:Psary, in Poland
Media: White paper, pencil 2B

Hey, I send my sketch M 13th I live in Poland in the village Psary. The sky is very dark so you can see faint stars with a brightness up to 6 magnitudes. M13 is my favorite object to observe through my 8 “telescope. Telescope 8” I am able to break the globular clusters of stars near to the center. Large field of view in the eyepiece and the nearby nature make a deep impression of observation. My sketch done in pencil 2B , on white paper and then reversed the color in the GIMP.

2 thoughts on “A Deep Impression of M13”

  1. Daniel,

    This sketch is excellent and represents the view of an eight inch scope from a dark sky very well.

    Frank 🙂

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