Milky Way in Cassiopeia

Milky Way in Cassiopeia

The Milky Way in Cassiopeia
By Rony De Laet

 This is a lawn chair observation of the Milky Way passing through Cassiopeia. The view was so beautiful that I wanted to capture it in a sketch. I studied the region for about 20 minutes before sketching. North is right in the sketch. The two patches on top of the view are the double cluster in Perseus. I tried to simulate the glow of the Milky Way as it crossed this mighty constellation.

Location : Bischofshofen, Austria
Date:  Dec. 25, 2006 , 21.00UT
Seeing:  4 on a scale of 5, Transparency : 4, Nelm : 5.1
Scope : naked eye

2 thoughts on “Milky Way in Cassiopeia”

  1. Rony,

    Wonderful sketch with much subtle detail. I had to sit and wait for my eyes to adjust so I could take it all in.


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