Altaïr83 Club Observing

Altair83 Observers at Flassans

Altaïr83 Club Observing
Altaïr83 Club Observing

Object Name (form Orion to Venus)
Object Type (End winter sky)
Location (Flassans-sur-Issole Provence France)
Date (3/16/2012 )
Media (graphite pencil, watercolour, white paper, software

During the March 16th night the Flassans-sur-Issole, a nice south France site was sketched with some observers of the Altaïr83 club. The site is mainly used for astrophotography I liked the red light effect of the atmosphere, brilliant eyes and red led. On my sketch we can see from left to right the Orion constellation, the Hyades, Pleiades and near the horizon, Venus close to Jupiter.

I made this sketch using graphite pencil, then I put the red colour effect in my workshop then I had to reverse the sky via

Clear sky to you all

Michel Deconinck

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