Venus - February 29, 2012

The Atmosphere of Venus

Venus - February 29, 2012
Venus - February 29, 2012

Hello to all the observers of the ASOD,
Venus Come tightened me arms since a moment on 29/02/2012, it was the opportunity to observe it and to take out pencils!!! it presented an attractive district, we would have said the miniature moon…

Object name: Venus
Object type: planet
Location: Bailly Romainvilliers ( France)
Date: 20120229 at 18:58 UT
SC 11″ G400 – OIII and UV filters
Media: pencil 0,5 HB – A lot of work of stump

Clear skies

Jc Biavati :

4 thoughts on “The Atmosphere of Venus”

  1. Looks great! Nice job.
    Please tell us, what was the magnification which you used during observations?
    Number of details is quite impressive so I can imagine that you had great seeing during session,


  2. Good evening and thank you. The used enlargement was of 400 times approximately. Details seemed however less contrasted and by very brief moments. clear sky
    Jc Biavati

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