NGC 2359

Thor’s Helmet

NGC 2359
NGC 2359

Object Name:NGC 2359 Thor’s Helmet
Object Type: Bright Nebula
Location: Pozzaglia (Italy)
Date: 25 Feb 2012
Media: Graphite on White paper, digitalized and inverted sketch

Dobson Meade LB 12″ F5
Eyepiece: Hyperion 24mm & Explorer Scientific 14mm
Filters: UHC-S (Baader) , O-III (Astronomik)
Mag.Limit: 5.7
Seeing: 3-4 / 5 Antoniadi
Stellar Field with UHC-S Filter and in Integral Light
Nebula with O-III Filter

Clear Skies To everyone!

4 thoughts on “Thor’s Helmet”

  1. Hi Stefano,

    very fine work on the nebulae structure. Did you edit the sketch only by hand or even with your software. Just for improving my own abilities ;-).


  2. Hello Torsten

    Thanks for the comment.

    I made ​​the drawing by hand. After scanning, I created a second level where I replaced the original stars. The design of the nebula was darkened, reversed.
    The nebula have added a Gaussian blur of 1.
    At the star field I added a Gaussian blur of 3.
    I merged the layers and created the presentation with the observation data.
    It ‘s all explained in my tutorial on my blog, but only in Italian, sorry.


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