Sketches of Jupiter from Polaris Observatory

Sketches of Jupiter - December 3, 2011
Sketches of Jupiter - December 3, 2011

Dear Asod,

I send you here a montage of many sketches of Jupiter made by a group of amateur astronomers in Polaris Observatory, Hungary, Budapest.
We have monthly tutorials for anyone who is interested and we are going through all types of objects. When it came to the planets, unfortunately the weather was awful, so we decided to make a tutorial of sketching the Jupiter from a photo done a few days before. Here we got, everyone could practice observing and sketching. Even those joined who have never sketched before, and all of them suceeded, as you can see.

The sketches were made by: Szabolcs Kiss, Attila Pilisi, Time Kovesdi Farkasne, Peter Molnar, Ervin Katona, Viktor Farkas, Tamas Jakabfi.
Media used: graphite pencils and pastel pencil used on white paper
Date & time: 3rd December 2011 (from a photo made a few days before).
Place: Polaris Observatory, Hungary, Budapest

Clear Skies,
Judit Hannak

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