The Wings of M42

Messier 42
Messier 42


This is my first sketch presented online. I’m not experienced with drawing but this is my third sketch of Orion nebula! I needed 90 minutes for the drawing and it was really cold about -6°C. The transparency was really good that evening for my observation point with a magnitude of 5m3.

I used a Newton 150/750mm with OIII-Filter. The magnification is 100* and the field of view is 0,52°.

Object: Orion Nebula (M42 & M43)
Type: Emission nebula
Location: West-Germany (south-Ruhrgebiet)
Date: 27.12.08
Media: graphite pencil on white paper – digitally inverted

Greetings from Germany!!

PS: great site I discoverd it only some weeks ago!

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  1. splendid sketch Christoph! I made the same sketch with my Newton 150/750 5 years ago..splendid visin in this scope.

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