NGC 884 and 869

Open Clusters NGC 884 and 869

NGC 884 and 869
NGC 884 and 869

Deep-sky observation (my favourite open cluster)

DATE: 2011-10-18 18:22UT
Observatory: Nagyvarsány/Hungary
Observer: Cseh Viktor (Viktor)
Object: NGC 884-869 (in Perseus)
Telescope: 10X50 binoculars

Media: I prepared this digital picture with Photoshop CS2.

Clear skies!

Viktor 🙂

6 thoughts on “Open Clusters NGC 884 and 869”

  1. That is really lovely Viktor. I am accustomed to looking at this double cluster through the telescope. Your details make me realize I am missing out by not using binoculars. Thank you


  2. hello Viktor!! Great work !!! this is an beautyfull object!! I made the sketches about Moon ,Sun,Mars and Jupiter but i have a problem with my scanner…i promised nextly to send on web…
    Clear sky and….Ciao !!!

  3. Captured beautifully! I am excited to see this through your 10×50 binoculars, as I’ll be looking at this double clustee through 10×50’s on my next sketch… as soon as these clouds leave… ! Cheers.

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