Messier 38 – Open Cluster in Auriga

Messier 38
Messier 38

Object Name: M 38 (NGC 1912)
Type: Open Cluster
Constellation: Auriga.
Observing Location: Bonilla. Cuenca. SPAIN.
Date: December 26, 2011
Material used: graphite pencil on white paper. Sketch processed with Photoshop.
Telescope: Celestron S/C 8″ Mount Cgt5
Eyepiece: 31 mm Hyperion (65X).
NELM: 6.0; Temp.: -2’5ºC

More information about the sketch and M 38 in:

6 thoughts on “Messier 38 – Open Cluster in Auriga”

  1. Mariano,
    This is a wonderful sketch of one of my favourite open clusters: one that I have gazed at for hours and never tire of. You capture it just beautifully.

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