The Pleiades
The Pleiades

Location: Pesaro, Italy
Date: 25/11/2011
Media: graphite pencil, color inversion with Gimp,
Telescope: 130mm f/5 tabletop dobson.
Eyepiece: 32 mm Plossl

The weather was quite moisty but the sky was clear. I went out searching for M42, but Orion was still covered by the roofs while Pleiades were high in the sky, so I decided to sketch them instead while waiting for Orion. Too bad no nebulosity was visible under such light polluted sky with such a small instrument.


2 thoughts on “Pleiades”

  1. Aldo,

    Light polluted skies or not, it remains a beautiful sketch and is always a great sight at the scope.

    Frank 🙂

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