Massive Solar Prominence

H-Alpha Sun - November 12, 2011
H-Alpha Sun - November 12, 2011

Our star continues to provide stunning sights as we approach solar maximum. This huge prominence, among the biggest I’ve ever seen, is visible in the hydrogen alpha wavelength, but it takes a specially designed scope or filter to see it. My 40mm Personal Solar Telescope (PST) is one such scope.

The prominence consists of superheated solar plasma suspended along magnetic field lines. It is not static, but changes constantly–sometimes the changes happen quickly and sometimes slowly. The appearance of this prominence had changed subtly by the end time of the sketch, so if you want to draw one of these monsters, be prepared to work fast!

The Sun in H alpha
Solar Prominence
Friars Hill, WV USA
12 November 2011 1850-1910 UT
Conte’ crayon, Conte’ pencil, and Derwent Graphtint color pencil on black paper.


Michael Rosolina

4 thoughts on “Massive Solar Prominence”

  1. Michael, you’ve done such a beautiful sketch of our star. You’ve captured such lovely ‘lacework’ in the prominence. And the texture of the paper offers a hint of the textured surface of Sol.

    Congratulations on this ASOD feature.

    Alex M.

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