Hornet in the Hive

Mars and Messier 44
Mars and Messier 44


Object Name : Mars and M44
Object Type : Planet, Open Cluster
Location : Skrzyszow, Silesia, Poland
Date : 4.20am 2011-10-02
Media : graphite pencil, color added in GIMP

Dobson 1200/200 + SWA 32mm + SWA 15mm

It’s hard to say, that the condition was nice. The seeing was perfect but only in zenith. I saw perfect Jupiter. One of the best I’ve ever seen!
Unfortunate, near the horizon, there was fog.
In my location, the Mars was only on altitude 25 degree, so I have to write: seeing was not good.
Please, forgive me, that I had to colorized sketch using digital magic. One more thing: there is planet any surface on sketch. It is only the moisture…

Clear sky!

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