NGC 6888

NGC 6888
NGC 6888

Object name: NGC 6888, the crescent nebulae

Object Type: Emission nebulae

Location: Dolbeauc-Mistassini, Quebec, Canada

Date: 2011 september 27

Media: HB sketch pencil and shder brush


I made this sketch with my 16 inch Meade LB telescope. This night, I had a good seeing (4/5). It was the first time I saw this nebulae and I enjoyed !! Even in a 16” telescope, it is very hard to notice the object without an OIII filter. Even with the OIII, the object is not luminous. But sketching this object permit me to reveal all the details the object had to give to me 🙂

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  1. Bravo Michael !

    C’est bien d’avoir pensé à le soumettre à Astronomy Sketch of the Day.


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