Starfield in Cygnus

Cygnus Starfield
Cygnus Starfield
Cygnus Starfield 2
Cygnus Starfield 2

– Object Name: Milky Way
– Object Type: Starfield
– Location: Lith, the Netherlands
– Date: 25-7-2011
– Media: pencil sketch on white paper

The bright band of the Milky Way is beautiful visible in this time of the year. When you look high up in the sky, you’ll see the constellation of Cygnus. This constellation lies from our perspective in the Milky Way band.
So, when you aim your binocular or telescope to this region, you’ll see a countless amount of stars. Each star in this vast starfield is unique. Every single star tells his own story. They have planets that orbit around them, and on those planets may be live. Dreaming about the wonders that are out there is what makes astronomy so special.

Thanks for watching,

Rutger Teule

2 thoughts on “Starfield in Cygnus”

  1. Amazing, Rutger, I guess how difficult it was to place each star in its place, congratulations. It’s curious to me to think of Cygnus high up in the sky, because from Itajobi City – Brazil (21ยบ South) it doesn’t rise too much above the horizon. Anyway, it’s also a pleasant constellation to observe.

  2. Rutger,

    great argument, great sketch for rendering the a deep view.

    I share all your thoughts!


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