Trying to Catch Perseids

2011 Perseids
2011 Perseids

Original Perseid Template
Original Perseid Template

I tried to note Perseids during the maximum.
Me and my fiancee – Anna – went into the any dark place in the Nowy Sącz city. Our place was not too good, but we did not have much choise. We had a some problem with two bright lights. And a big problem with big, bright moon 🙂
In an one hour we have succeeded to cath seven bright metors.

First sketch is a template made with Stellarium. Tamplate was printed. On this template we sketched the meteors.
The second version is similiar to the look from our observing place.

Object: Perseids during the maximum.
Date: August 12, 2011.
Time: From 9:50 PM to 10:50 PM
Place: Nowy Sącz
Equipment: None. Naked eye.

Media: Graphite pencil, tooling with GIMP2
Author: Aleksaner Cieśla (Wimmer)

4 thoughts on “Trying to Catch Perseids”

  1. Wimmer,

    A fine looking sketch that captures the event and the look of your view.
    Well done.

    Frank 🙂

  2. Aleksaner,

    this idea of using Stellarium as a template is very well thought!

    A very nice sketch too!


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