Asteroid Vesta

The Path of Vesta

Asteroid Vesta
Asteroid Vesta

Object Name: Vesta
Object Type: Asteroid
Location: Itajobi, SP, Brazil
Date: 21-30/07/2011 (all sketches around 02h00 U.T.)
Media: 2B 0.5mm graphite pencil on white paper, scanned so inverted
Instrument: Binoculars Celestron 10×50 (7°)
Observer: Rodrigo Pasiani Costa

From July 21st to 30th I could observe the brighest asteroid, Vesta, crossing the night sky. Night after night it appeared higher in the sky, always as bright as the surrounding brighest stars, showing its path among them. It was the first time I observed an asteroid, and I didn’t know they move so quickly.
This is an animation with all the sketches, one after another, showing Vesta’s trip:
I hope you enjoy the sketch, and the animation. Thanks you all, and dark skies!
Rodrigo Pasiani Costa

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  1. Thank you, people. It’s always a pleasure to contribute with the website I visit on a daily basis.

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