Alpha Lyrae

Alpha and Epsilon Lyrae

Alpha and Epsilon Lyrae
Alpha and Epsilon Lyrae

This is my first attempt at sketching a star field.

Object Name: Alpha Lyra – Epsilon 1 & 2 Lyra
Object Type: Double Star
Location: Locust Grove, VA
Date: 17 July 0130 UTC
Media: Graphite #2 Pencil on white paper. Photoshop inversion, enhancement.
Instrument: Oberwerk 15 x 70mm Binoculars
Weather: Clear/Partly Cloudy, 80 degF, Seeing 4/5, Transparency 4/5
Notes: Alpha Lyra drew my attention right at the end of twilight, and it was a beautiful sight with the Epsilon 1&2 double nearby. I could not quite discriminate (split) Zeta 1&2 to the lower right of Alpha, but I could tell it was elongated showing a hint that it was double.

Jerry Hubbell
Lake of the Woods Observatory (MPC I24)
Locust Grove, VA

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  1. Hi,

    Welcome in world of astronomy sketches.
    Your sketch is nice. I am waiting for the next one.

    Have fun,

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