Posidonius and Chacornac Craters

Sunrise on Posidonius

Posidonius and Chacornac Craters
Posidonius and Chacornac Craters


Here is a submission of one of my sketches.
Object Name – Posidonius and Chacornac
Object Type – Lunar Crater
Location – Parmentier Observatory Observing Field
Date – 5/8/2011 3:18 UTC
Media – Graphite pencil, blending stump, black sharpie marker, white paper

Equipment – 10” Discovery PDHQ at 234X

This crater was very nicely positioned along the terminator when I made this sketch. The main crater is Posidonius and the one just above (South) is Chacornac. The shadows and illumination formed an interesting connection between the two craters. It was very interesting to compare the details that I sketched to those of the very nice pastel sketch submitted by Frank McCabe on May 9th.

Brian Chopp

2 thoughts on “Sunrise on Posidonius”

  1. Brian,

    Your sketch looks just excellent and your crater ratios for size and shape are better than my May 9th sketch. You have a carefully sketched piece of lunar real estate there, very fine.

    Frank 🙂

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