Request for Article on Astronomical Sketching

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We were recently contacted by Dr. Larry Krumenaker, publisher of The Classroom Astronomer magazine. Dr. Krumenaker wanted to see if one of our contributors would be interested in writing an article for the magazine about how to create astronomical sketches. Their audience consists of teachers from elementary to college, formal and informal educators, with most at the high school or non-major undergraduate level. For this audience, brighter objects that are within the grasp of new observers would be ideal (Moon, planets, bright DSOs). This would not be a paid article; however, the contributor will receive a copy of the magazine in which the article appears.

The magazine’s website can be found here: The Classroom Astronomer

The magazine’s “Information for Writers” page can be found here: Write for The Classroom Astronomer

If you are interested in contributing, please contact Dr. Larry Krumenaker at classroomastronomer [at] toteachthestars [dot] net for further information.

Jeremy Perez
For the Astronomy Sketch of the Day

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