The Lord of the White Night

In my region in Northern Poland the Sun during the summer solstice does not come down even 12 degrees beneath horizon
However, the bright nebulae such M57 are still nicely visible.

Yesterday, before the moon rising …. I decided to sketch The Ring in power 167x. I used the Super Plössl UWA SW 58 with GSO nebular filter and Newton Sky-watcher 12 ”

I tried attentively to stare at the “pale disc”, it took me about 20-25minut . In the middle of this structure are week star or something else. I saw something like ghosts inside!

Yours, Robert

Sketch details:
Object Name M57 The Ring Nebula,
Object Type: Planetary Nebula
Location: Poland, Oborniki
Date: 21.06.2011 y,
Equipment: Sky-watcher 12″,GSO nebular filter, Super Plössl UWA SW 58
Object: – Artist: Robert Twarogal (Ignisdei)

One thought on “The Lord of the White Night”

  1. Robert,

    This is a fine sketch of the ring nebula M-57. You did a fine job on the shape and bright regions along the ring.
    Nice post.

    Frank 🙂

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