The Whirlpool Welcomes a New Visitor

Object Name : M51, SN2011DH
Object Type : Face-on Galaxy, Supernova
Location : South Korea
Date : June 5th, 2011
Telescope : 15inch Discovery Dobsonian
Media : Black paper, White conte, White pastel

Nightwid (Cho Kang Uk)

Hi all, Supernova SN2011DH was easy to observing.
And I saw beautiful arms and bridge.. Because seeing is very good!

3 thoughts on “The Whirlpool Welcomes a New Visitor”

  1. Nightwid,
    Impressive sketch and capture of the supernova. Congratulations.
    Frank 🙂

  2. Nightwid,

    Nice work, seems like more sketches of this recent blooming of M51 are being submitted. I also did a sketch that resembles your view with SN2011dh. Hopefully, It’ll get posted soon. Dark and clear skies amigo!! 😀


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