Ephemeral Ring of a Dying Sun

Object Name M57 Ring Nebula
Object Type Planetary nebula
Location Groningen, The Netherlands
Date 05-06-2011
Media Photoshop CS2

Sketch made after an observation from my light polluted city garden

Best Regards,

Bert Schwertman

4 thoughts on “Ephemeral Ring of a Dying Sun”

  1. Even from your “light polluted city garden” you have a great view of the Ring Nebula, congratulations on your sketch. It has just inspired me to try to observe this fabulous object for the first time. As soon as I go to the countryside I’ll point my 180mm to it.

    P.S. Friends, do not forget the Lunar Eclipse tonight! It’s a great opportunity for the artists.

  2. Bert,

    Like this sketch very much. It is always nice to see some sketches that city folks can make from poor skies.


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