Small, Bright Ball in the Scorpion

This is my sketch of Messier 80 – globular cluster in Scorpion. In my 5″ scope cluster is small and dense.
Cluster has interesting bright core.

Object: Messier 80
Date: May 26, 2011.
Place: Banica, Poland
Equipment: SCT 5″ with SWAN 20mm
Magnification: 62,5x
Media: Graphite pencil, inverted, tooling with PS
Author: Aleksaner Cieśla (Wimmer)

2 thoughts on “Small, Bright Ball in the Scorpion”

  1. Aleksander,

    Very nice to see one of your sketches here again. Like the way you exhibited the bright center.

    Frank 🙂

  2. Thank you Frank!
    I am slowly back to my activity in sketching.
    Another two of my sketches awaiting for ASOD 🙂

    Best regards!

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