The Misplaced Core

Object name: NGC 4013 (galaxy in UMa)
Location: Nádasdladány, Hungary
Date: May 2, 2011
Media: B pencil on white paper, then inverted on computer
SQM reading: 21.23m/arcsec^2, 5°C
Weather: we had rains all day yesterday, so the air has a very high humidity now

I was very surprised when I noticed that this galaxy has its core out
of its geometrical center. I was wondering if this is the result of a
single, well grown spiral arm, but later studies revealed the answer
for this phenomenon: the misplaced core is actually not at all related
to this tiny edge-on galaxy but it’s only a foreground star in our own
Milky Way. This little gem is located in a very sparse stellar
environment which makes it a difficult target.


One thought on “The Misplaced Core”

  1. Hi Ferenc,

    How nice to see one of your sketches again.
    Very nice capture of this distant edge-on with
    foreground sun.

    Frank 🙂

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