A Promenade Through a Royale Garden

IC 1396 

IC1396, a promenade through the Royale Garden.

One of the known highlights of Cepheus is Mu Cephei, a deep orange star. This night Mu Cephei served as the guiding light to IC1396. This region is a beautiful field of stars. There was something peaceful about this place. I felt like strolling through an exotic garden covered with haze. The place seemed majesticaly silent with Mu Cephei as a guard of honour at the border of the eyepiece. I don’t know if I saw IC1396 at all. I just noted all the light I could absorb in this field. A strange fact is that Mu Cephei kept his orange color through the UHC filter.

Date : October 13, 2007
Time : 21.00UT
Scope : Skywatcher 102/500
Meade SP 26mm
Power : x20
FOV: 150′
Filter : Lumicon UHC
Seeing : 3.5/5
Transp. : 3/5
Nelm : 5.3
Sketch Orientation : N up, W right.
Digital sketch made with PhotoPaint, based on a raw pencil sketch.

Rony De Laet

2 thoughts on “A Promenade Through a Royale Garden”

  1. Rony,

    I absolutely love this sketch. The vast field of stars, subtle detail, and of course Mu Cephi shining like a bright orange beacon sets this sketch off nicely.



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