Somewhere in Big Bear


In attachment you can find sketch of famous pair of galaxies M81 & M82

Short description:

Object Name M81 – spiral galaxy & M82 – spiral galaxy with bar. Both in Ursa Major
Object Type galaxies
Location Budy Dłutowskie – small village in central Poland
Date 08.02.2011
Media graphite pencil, white paper, color invert
Telescope ATM ATROBINO (two Newtonians 165/650) + two TV Plossl 20mm eyepieces
Seeing 5/5
Transparency 4/5
NELM 6 mag

This time I have some kind of classic 🙂 Famous galaxies M81 & M82 in Ursa Major.
I observed it through the ATM ASTROBINO (two connected newtonians 165/650). It is great instrument for this kind of objects under dark sky.
Both galaxies were clearly visible with some details in Cigar (some “shadows” in the structure) . M81 – disk with brighter core, no more details observed.

Clear sky

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