The Crescent Moon and Crater Delambre & Taylor’s Environs

Hello Artists,how are you ? I’m o.k. at moment,only aches of season,cough and cold.Two weeks ago the Moon was splendid over my head crescent phase and i take my Newton 6″ f 5 . I have placed my scope in front of my home and i start my draw.
Splendid vision the image was still, decide for zone at South(North in Newton) of crater Julius Cesar and Ariadeus Rhyme.
The zone was full of craters,different dimension, very difficult to draw,at the end turbulence and clouds oblige me to stop….The second sketch was a simply drawn on black paper and white pencil and pen made with my big bino 25×100 in front of my home.
I hope you like it.

One particular greetings at Master Frank, Richard Handy and Deirdre Kellegan and all great astro artists.
Ciao a tutti, Giorgio.

Site:Pergola,Marche Region,Center Italy,265 m. o.l.s.
Date:9 February 2011 from 9,30 p.m. to 10,49 p.m. local time.
Instrument: Newton 6″ Meade f.5
Eyepiece:12,4 mm Meade “Reserch Grade” and Barlow 2x
The crater is: Delambre (great at left),Theon Senior ( at low under Delambre),Theon Junior (up ),Taylor (at high center),Taylor A and B ( at center nearly).
Seeing:Good at start,turbulence and clouds from second half of sketch (interrupted ).
Temperature:Cold,many humidity at low

2 thoughts on “The Crescent Moon and Crater Delambre & Taylor’s Environs”

  1. Ciao Giorgio, i like your impulsive sketches, the composition of the second pic is great (drawing / letters / white background)

  2. Hello Giorgio,

    Always a pleasure to see your excellent sketches here. Both of these are your usual high quality renderings. You always capture your targets with great style.

    Frank 🙂

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