Taurus in the Year 1054

I send you an illustration of what happened in Taurus in the year 1054 A.D.
This is the supernova which created the “Crab Nebula” (M.1).
Nearby to NE is the cresent moon. On old drawings on stones and so on,
the cresent moon was there when the SN exploded on 4. July this year.
More info on my sketch!
I used pen and pencil on white paper and inverted.

Best wishes for clear sky, Per-Jonny Bremseth

5 thoughts on “Taurus in the Year 1054”

  1. Per-Jonny,

    Interesting recreation drawing. As Scott has already said it is a “very pleasing scene”.


  2. beautyfull historical sketch Per,i hope to observe one supernova in one future….
    One message for Frank :I sent my Moon sketches but i don’t see in this site…Why?

  3. Hi Giorgio,

    Try resending it. Rich may not have it for some reason.
    I’ll alert him to look for it.


  4. A very charming scene, reminds me of the one depicting the same motive in Robert Burnham’s Celestial Handbook.

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