Albireo, the Beautiful

Hi artists!

I send you a double “Albireo, the beautiful”.

This pair of stars, in the head of the Swan, I have observed many, many times with my telescope, but
every time I had been amazed of their very beautiful contrast in colours.
I have never seen them split with naked eyes, but with 10x 50 I have seen both.
I think Albireo is the finest double seen from Norway. More info on my sketch!

The observation was made outside Trondheim city, Norway.

Best regards, Per-Jonny Bremseth.

Webmaster’s note: Per-Jonny, I’m terribly sorry this beautiful sketch got overlooked in the cue. I’ll be looking for your other sketch that was overlooked as well. Your sketches are always very well done. For anyone who may have sent sketches that were never posted, just email Rich Handy at and Jeremy Perez at Let us know your sketch was overlooked and indicate the subject and date emailed and I’ll do my best to retrieve it. Again my sincere apologies.

Rich Handy ASOD webmaster.

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