Montage of the Open Clusters of Scorpius

Dear APOD,

I will post my montage about a photo and sketches from the Sky in Crete.
From 2 to 10 April, 2010 we three – all Hungarian amateur astronomers (János Gábor Kernya, Gábor Sánta and me, Gergő Kovács) – were at Crete to enjoy near-south deepsky wonders in Puppis, Vela, Centaurus and Scorpius because these constellations or southern parts of them are never seen from our home. Observed Omega Cen, Cen A, NGC 2451, NGC 2477, NGC 6231 and more in the very clear sky. Light pollution was minimal.

In the image is the Scorpius constellation (with red lines), and in the rings is open star clusters. The clusters is the (in clockwise order) “False Comet” – cluster complex (next to the Scorpius constellation), M7, NGC 6231 and NGC 6242. The “False Comet and M7 is my sketches, the NGC 6231 drew is János Gábor Kernya, and the NGC 6242 is Gábor Sánta’s sketch.

Objects: M7, NGC 6231, NGC 6242.
Constellation: Scorpius
Date: 08. 04. 2010.
Time: 1:00-3:35 UTC
Location: 27 m above sea level next to Kalo Nero, SE Crete, Greece, EU
Instrument: 60mm Akr., 100mm Akr., 130mm Newton.
Limiting magnitude: better than 5.5
Media: white paper, black pencil (0.5mm), graphite, invert, Photoshop.

Best regards,

Gergő Kovács
Báránd, Hungary

8 thoughts on “Montage of the Open Clusters of Scorpius”

  1. Very nice work on these. Must have been an enjoyable trip to Crete for all of you.

    Frank 🙂

  2. Very enjoyable sketching. I envy you those southern sky delights, and I wish I could take whole a holiday devoted to astronomy!
    Clear skies,

  3. That’s an impressive job, man, congratulations and thanks for sharing it. Those must have been such a great week of observation.

  4. A montage that combines sketches and a photo and the efforts of three artists, what a wonderful idea and collaboration.

  5. What a great concept. It truly shows how talented the three of you are, magnificent work!!!!

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