Pair of Open Clusters

Name: M35 and NGC 2158
Type: Pair of open clusters
Constellation: Gemini
Location: Negev desert, southern Israel
Date: 2-3/12/2010 , 03:30
Media: Graphite pencils, white paper, red light. Scanned and processed in Photoshop
Equipment: 203 mm F/5 Orion skyview pro Newtonian, 13mm Vixen LVW eyepiece (77X).

M35 is a bright, beautiful open cluster. It can easily be spotted with a naked eye under right conditions. The cluster isn’t very uniform, and features an interesting arc of stars, with a yellowish bright star on it’s end.
Through a moderate telescope M35’s tiny neighbour can be spotted – NGC 2158, which is a small, tight, faint open cluster (once thought to be globular).

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