To the Edge

NGC 4517
Ilford NSW Australia
41cm f4.7 Dobsonian telescope
Field: 23′
Magnification: 210x
Sky quality: N/A

Black Canford paper
White pen
White pencil
White pastel chalk
Blending stump
Paint brush

NGC 4517 is a really nice edge-on galaxy around 12′ x 2′ in size.
In the 41cm dob this galaxy looked very elegant and is designated as type Sc.
However visually it looks somewhat irregular in its appearance.

It reminds me of NGC 55 in Sculptor.
This is one of my older sketches from 2006.

Scott Mellish.

4 thoughts on “To the Edge”

  1. Scott,

    An impressive recording of this bright edge on galaxy in your usual masterful way.

    Frank 🙂

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