A Cluster Spectacular

Object Name: M 15 (NGC 7078)
Object Type: Globular Cluster
Constellation of Pegasus
Location: Malpica del Tajo. Toledo; SPAIN
Date: 5/Nov/2010; U.T: 21:00
Media: graphite pencil, white paper, inverted GIMP2.
Telescope: SCT 8″
Eyepiece: 13 mm Hyperion.
Mag.: 155X

In the sky of the winter months we found few globular clusters. The
constellation of Pegasus is a cluster spectacular and very special: M 15. It
is perhaps the densest of all globular clusters in our galaxy and contains
the first planetary nebula discovered in a globular cluster. …
More information about the sketch and M 15 in:


Mariano Gibaja

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