On the Northeast Shores of Serenity

Object: Lunar crater- Posidonius
Location: Sydney, Australia
Date: 13th Nov. 2010
Media: Pencil, ink & paint on paper
Scope: 5” SCT
Eyepiece: 6mm TMB Planetary Type II, 200X

Hello again,
This is the first Lunar crater I’ve attempted in a long time, having being inspired by some sensational work here on ASOD. The sky has been very unco-operative for some time here in Sydney, so I also took advantage of a cloudless opportunity. This sketch was done under trying conditions- windy and with a very turbulent atmosphere really testing my patience as clarity of the image came and went so quickly.
It has also been a long time since I’ve really taken my time with a single Lunar feature. So detailed! So many soft features. So many fine features. So nice to rediscover a forgotten jewel of my sky.

Alex M.

3 thoughts on “On the Northeast Shores of Serenity”

  1. Alex,

    beautiful sketch!

    I like especially the yellowish tone of the paper, it give an old drawing feeling 🙂


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