Fading Planetary Nebula

Abell 72
PK 59-18.1
Planetary Nebula
Ilford NSW Australia
56cm f5.0 dobsonian telescope
Field: 27′
Magnification: 218x with OxyIII filter
Sky Quality Meter reading: 21:65

Black Canford paper
White pen
White oil pencil
White pastel chalk
Soft white pencil
Paint brush

George Ogden Abell’s classic catalog of planetary nebulae contains 86 objects which are quite faint and challenging for avid deep sky observers.

A good example of what to expect when tracking down these elusive nebulae is the ghostly Abell 72 seen here.

Delphinus is a fair way north from my observing site, but the sky conditions on the night offered up some good transparency which assisted in observations.

Scott Mellish

3 thoughts on “Fading Planetary Nebula”

  1. This is quite extraordinary, Scott. I can actually see MORE with averted vision in this sketch of yours, than directly! Most amazing. To be told this is the effect that should be aimed for is one thing, to actually see it being done is something else. Very well done.

    This sketch is on a technical level I’ve never seen achieved. Brilliant.

    Alex M.

  2. Scott,

    Beautifully captured.
    I’m well positioned to point a scope at this one but I’m pretty sure I would have no chance with this ghost.
    Always a pleasure to see your sketches.

    Frank 🙂

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